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Every cake is designed and tailored just for YOU!

Each dessert is prepared from “scratch” using the finest ingredients available. Our signature Pound Cakes are “heavy” cakes very similar to the texture of a butter pound cake. This type of cake yields more slices and cuts smooth and effortless.

Wedding Cakes by Cake LadyAll of our products are “homemade” with the freshest ingredients:  Cream cheese, sour cream, real butter, flour, and eggs to produce the perfect dessert!

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Cakes

The traditional wedding cake called for a tiered, white cake with butter cream frosting. Today, just about anything goes!  Wedding cakes come in all different shapes, styles, flavors, colors and decorations. Your wedding cake should be individually designed to your match own personal style and taste (no pun intended!) as well as the wedding decor and color scheme. So, let’s start with the basics.

Simply Breathtaking!

Shapes & Sizes -
The traditional shape of the wedding cake is either round or square. But, don’t let your imagination stop there. Many shapes are now available to enhance and give a unique look to your cake. Many bakers offer oval, hexagon and heart shapes - just to name a few. Square shaped cakes can be decorated in the style of gift boxes in beautiful designs with cascading ribbons.

A creative baker can create a magnificent castle or a lighthouse, for a "seaside" wedding. Keep in mind that a square or round cake can be cut and served more quickly, easily and will likely serve more guests.

Ms Cake Lady Bridal Shows in Jacksonville, Florida, Georgia bridesFancy Flavors - Having trouble choosing a flavor for your cake? Choose a multi-flavored cake. They come in so many yummy varieties from vanilla to chocolate, marble, lemon, carrot, spice and even cheesecake. The fillings get even more tempting with raspberry, coconut, strawberry, lemon, mocha and white chocolate cream.

Icing on the Cake - Most cakes are covered in a soft white or ivory icing but sometimes pastel pink or peach can be used to match your wedding colors. You can choose a traditional white, butter cream, cream cheese, white chocolate icing, or rolled fondant. As the name implies, rolled fondant is icing that is rolled over the layers of the cake for a completely smooth and very elegant look.

Another option that looks great for summertime or outdoor weddings, is the basket weave. This is usually more expensive because the baker has to actually hand weave the fondant.

Dazzling Decorations - Here, your choices are endless. Some brides like to take a particular element of the wedding decor and design the cake around that theme. Bakers can decorate cakes with the look of embroidery, lace, appliqué or elegant drapes or swags.

For instance, many brides will use the lace or detailing from their wedding gown as a design for their wedding cake. Bring in a picture of your gown and talk to your baker to incorporate the lace or pearl beading detail into the cake.

Some choose cascades of fresh or confectionery flowers or satin ribbons that coordinate with the wedding color scheme. Some bakers are even painting designs on the cakes for a truly exquisite look. Cakes can be decorated to match the bride’s china pattern using a "painted on" technique.

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